Snow falls in the western Wyoming. Snow and ice sit on the mountain passes. It is that time, once again, for the Wyoming Highway Ice Capades. That glorious time when cars and trucks spin and twirl like professional scatters in the quest for Olympic Gold.

For those who do not wish to participate in the upcoming Wyoming Ice Capades, we offer the following simple rules.

1). When the roads are nasty, ask yourself if the trip is really necessary.

2). Don't drive like you have something to prove. You don't.

3). Drive like you are pulling an oversized, overloaded trailer. Slow starts. Wide slow turns. Work on slowing down long before you need to stop.

4). If you see other cars in the ditches, that is a hint.

5). Leave a lot of extra room between you and the other cars on the roads. Slick roads mean you'll need it.

If, however, you are determined to participate in the upcoming Wyoming Highway Ice Capades all you have to do is drive like you have something to prove and pretend the laws of physics do not apply to you. The rest of us will be more than happy to add a few flowers to that roadside marker the state placed in your honor.

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