The family car is to be kept clean, polished, and vacuumed. The jeep on the other hand, lets just say it is embarrassing if it does not have a thick layer of mud covering it.

Spring time in Wyoming. The snow is melting. Rain is falling. All is muddy. Now is the time to add that extra coat of glop.

Here are 5 great Wyoming Jeep trails that will help you get that job done.


  • 1

    Morrison Jeep Trail

    The guys compete to see who has the best of and up the rocks crawler.

  • 2

    Shell Reservation Trail

    A few of these vehicles started out new, without a scratch. That needed to be fixed.

  • 3

    Lee City Trail, Yellowstone

    High up into the mountains on old gravel roads.

  • 4

    Jeeping The Big Horn Mountains

    These folks start up high and drive even higher up to the glacier lakes.

  • 5

    Hot Spring Fall Adventure Wyoming

    Jeep tour through parts of Wyoming with 307 Adventures. Enjoy beautiful scenery around and near Thermopolis, Wyoming.

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