The joke that the Billionaires are forcing out the millionaires is no longer a joke. Jackson Hole Wyoming is now so expensive the mayor, the city council, police and fire, can't afford to live there.

When the going gets tough the tough come up with clever solutions.

Here are a few that we could find.

1). Wyoming Public Media posted a podcast of two women who are, literally, living in a van down by the river. The only problem here might be that these ladies can't stay in one place too long. There are laws against camping out in one spot indefinitely.

2). Live on a small lot just out of town, and make sure it is a tiny home.

3). How many people can fit in an apartment without the landlord knowing? Keep everyone quiet. Keep the place clean, and you just might get away with it.

4). Are you lucky enough to work in an office? Then just sleep back in later in the day and sleep in your office. Trust me, it is being done.

5). Make sure to get a job that provides company housing. There are a few employers doing just that.

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