'I'll get the bear spray accident story.'

That's what I heard someone yell down the hallway here at Townsquare Media. I just shook my head and went back to work.

My office is next to the news studios here at the offices of Townsquare Media in Cheyenne. Our news people here communicate with other Townsquare stations across the region. On occasion, I hear the news staff discussing a story and I sit up and think, 'Only in Wyoming.'

1. First, we have our own odd criminal element:

Casper Teen Arrested After ‘Spinning Cookies’ on Frozen River - The headlines is far more normal than what happened. When police arrived they found two men who told them that they were “going fishing” and had gotten stuck.

2. Sticky Fingers moving Hot Items:

Cheyenne Police Seeking ‘Sweaty’ Thief. This is the story about a 300 lb man in a black wife beater shirt that has had about enough of the hot weather, so he just rips an air unit out through a window from a local charity and walks off with it.

3. Some guns are smarter than the people holding them: 

Cheyenne Man Shoots Hand At Walmart: When three words like Cheyenne, Hand, and Walmart come together to for a sentence or those three things are in close proximity to each other in Wyoming, something bad is about to happen.

4. Tourist and animals or Wyoming Parks. Especially Yellowstone: If those two words are together in a sentence that has Wyoming in it, you can bet that something stupid has just taken place.

‘Safe Selfie’ Policy Adopted at Yellowstone National Park. I forgot to add 'camera' to that list. If a tourist has a camera in Yellowstone and they want to take a picture of them self with, anything, it will not end well.

5. Natural events unique to Wyoming plus people who live too far out of town:

That sounds like quite a combination but then I hear someone on our news staff call out, 'Anyone got the Wyoming Woman Claims Yellowstone Will Erupt During 2017 Solar Eclipse  Story?"

If I ever hear a normal headline I'll know I'm in the wrong state.

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