One room school houses with a dozen students are less still exist. Wyoming has several, with one teacher to cover classes from fist grade through high school.

While the big schools in the big cities have the advantages of those most modern equipment and a diverse social life for their kids, small rural school have a few advantages of their own.

Here are a few. (SarcasmAlert).

1). It does not matter how dumb you are. You are always top of the class when you are the only one in the class.

2). Grading on a curve is much easier when the dumbest person next to you, is you.

3). It's easy to get a date for the school dance when there is only one person to ask. They can either say yes, or say home. If the only girl in class in your teacher, ask your sister.

4). You never have to worry about being socially awkward or being out of style. No need to fit in when there is no one to fit in with.

5). You'll defiantly stand out in the yearbook.

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