We joke about people having a conversation and being easily distracted by things we call "squirrels." However, here are crimes that were committed by these critters.  These little guys are not as innocent as they may seem. Although cute, they can be mischievous and dangerous at times. Here are some actual crimes that these squirrels have committed, thus going beyond the pale of raiding your bird feeders.

  1. Attempted To Take Out A Singer - Niall Horan, lead singer of the popular singing group One Direction, was hospitalized after an attack on his life from a "killer squirrel." He had to undergo a knee operation after the little critter was responsible for tearing a ligament in his knee.
  2. Started A House Fire - A home in England felt the wrath of the bushy tailed pyromaniac when they found chewed wires and a nest in the garage. A spokesman for the London Fire Department was responsible for putting out the garage fire before the whole house burned to the ground.
  3. Shut Down An Amtrak Train - This isn't the first time that a squirrel has played a role in "taking out" a traveling Amtrak Train. However, in this case, a squirrel decided to kill a main circuit-breaker, thus rendering the train unmovable.
  4. Caused A "Ball" - It was the 2011 National League Division Playoffs when this little rascal thought he would tear across home plate in the middle of a pitch thrown by Phillies Roy Oswalt. Oswalt's pitch was rendered a "ball" as he stated he was "distracted" by the little rodent.
  5. Taking The Power Out - When they do this, they act like they're on some kind of "suicide mission." In 2012, 11,000 homes had their power knocked out in Oak Hills, California. In another account, gallon's of raw sewage, by the hundred's, found their way to Mobile Bay in Alabama. A squirrel was blamed for cutting power to a lift station.

Watch out for these little guys, as your property or business could be the next target. Besides all of that, they are just little cute bundles of fir that want attention like every other creature.