That last hailstorm we had was not as bad is it could have been. At least not for Cheyenne. Some surrounding areas saw a lot of damage.

Wyoming, compared to other states, has many hail stores and often bigger hail, because of our high altitude. Lower altitude states see smaller hail balls because those frozen chunks have more time to melt on the way down.

We can expect a few more hail storms before summer is over. That means you should be prepared, with jokes, because somebody has to.

Here are 4 Wyoming hailstorm jokes to tell the next time we get hammered.

(WARNING: These jokes really suck.)

1). Q: What is a king's favorite kind of precipitation? - A: Hail!

2). Q: What's worse than raining buckets? - A: Hailing taxis!

3). Golf balls have dimples to help them move through the air more efficiently. That means those hail dents in your care will save you gas.

4). That hailstorm was the fault of a witch. She kept yelling "Hail Satan. Hail Satan."

I'd like to apologize for these bad jokes. They are mine, and not to be blamed on the staff or management of Townsquare Media. But you can't blame me if you decide to tell them. That's on you.

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