WARNING: These are three of Wyoming's favorite radio personalty and each is about to reveal something dark about themselves. Read on only if you dare to know.

Doug Randal delivers the morning news and sports to listeners on three different radio stations in South Eastern Wyoming every morning. He might very well be the most trusted name in Wyoming news. Yet, as relieved on the 650AM KGAB morning show with Glenn Woods, Doug has a dark secret.

He hates corn-dogs.

The reason he hates them is because of what is in them. As we dig deeper into the darkness of his soul we discover that Doug hates hot-dogs, and that is why he hates corn-dogs.

But Doug is a big baseball fan. How can he go to a game and not have a dog of any kind? Apparently he makes up for it by eating pizza during the game so that nobody will notice he is not having a hot-dog.

Chris Brooks hosts the morning show on 106.3 Cowboy Country in Cheyenne Wyoming. Chris's dark secret is his hatred for pizza. When we dig deeper into this mystery we find that it's actually the tomato in the pizza or any tomato based products that he does not like. But despite hating pizza he, for many years, work at a pizza parlor. How does someone like him even get hired for a job like that? Perhaps it was because the boss knew he would never eat the profits.

Then there is Glenn Woods who does not like or watch any sports of any kind, ever. It bores the hell out of him. He would rather be doing anything else then watch any sports for any amount of time, ever.

How did these three make it to Cheyenne Wyoming with out being ostracized? It's kinda like someone living out here without owning a least 4 guns.

Wait, dare we ask about the guns?

These are people we all like. Maybe it's better not to know so we can go on liking them.

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