There is a man by the name Barry Meyer who was recently doing some exploring through Yellowstone National Park. While he was exploring he came across an artifact that no one has seen in quite some time

The artifact was a payphone located inside the park. You can find payphones here and there in small towns across the country. But it is far and few between that you come across one that actually works. This payphone is in actual working order.


Evidently these phones are in the park due to little to no cell phone service while you are in the park. Yes, you are supposed to be at the park to enjoy nature and not be on your phone the whole time. But sometimes emergencies happen and you need to get ahold of help. That's what the payphone is for in the park, they are for help.

It seems like the first payphone in the United States dates back to 1880. That's when the Connecticut Telephone company had a public phone where people had to go to the office, give the attendant money and then make the call. 1898 was the year the first pre-payphone was installed in public in Chicago. The first outdoor payphone was installed in 1905 according to Wikipedia. In 2018, it was recorded that there were 100,000 working payphones throughout the country, a fifth of them are in New York.

This might be the only working payphone in the state. Click here to see the payphones.

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