The website MOVOTO has an article titled "10 Wyoming Myths That Are Totally False." The list was written by Cassie Sheets, a freelance writer.

I read this top 10 list thinking, these items are indeed Wyoming myths. But by gosh they should be true, and point by point I can tell you why.

1. Everyone Looks Like They Walked Out Of An Old Western. 

This is true, and it is a shame. How are the heck we supposed to identify who is from around here and who is from out of state if we dress like we are from out of state? It's not like we have a unique Wyoming speaking accent.

2. Everyone From Wyoming Is Super Conservative. 

This is also true. But that is only because someone left the gate open and people from back East and "The Left Coast" have been leaking in.

3. Hobbies Include: Cow Tipping And Whiskey Drinking. 

We don't tip cows? When did this end? I never got my chance.

4. Everyone Is A Country Music Fan. It's okay if you live in Wyoming and you listen to other music besides country. But if you don't like country music I'm afraid we are going to have to ask you to leave and close the gate on the way out.

5. People From Wyoming Are A Bunch Of Uneducated Hillbillies. 

By the way, Hillbillies are from the Appalachian Mountains on the East Coast. We don't have them here. Butte Billies, maybe.

6. People From Wyoming Have A Southern Accent. 

I have noticed that when people who have never been to Wyoming try to imitate what they think is a Wyoming accent they talk Southern. We don't sound like that hear. Having said that I refer you to item #1. Wyoming needs an accent. Let's make one up.

7. It’s Just Meat And Potatoes All The Time. 

This might be true but when people from out of state visit we all need to be seen eating nothing but meat and potatoes. We have a reputation to protect.

8. All Those Colorado Greenies Better Get Lost. 

On this, the author is dead wrong. You "Greenies" need to get a move on, and close the gate on your way out.

9. They All Ride Their Horses To School. 

Yeah but our school buses have a lot of horsepower. Heck they even have air spoilers on the back, so, take that.

10. The Only Thing Worth Seeing Is Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park is definitely worth the visit, but there are tons of cool places to see in Wyoming. The Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum houses some amazing artifacts from the American West, and Grand Teton National Park is a fantastic hiking spot.

Okay, I'll give the list this last one. Folks should come visit and see all this wonderful stuff. Don't forget to close the gate on your way home.

See the original link for the author's reasoning behind the list here.

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