Who says that golden gals can't do great things in their city and community? Well, if you thought that way, then think again. I had the privilege of talking to Carolyn Turbiville, President of the X-JWC (X-Junior Women's Club), this morning on KGAB Mornings. And she works with a group of senior-aged women to make a difference in our community--and have fun doing it!

They currently have 55 members, and are extremely dedicated to community improvement through volunteer service. At their meetings, they collect items for different non-profit, including the Day of Giving, Needs, Safe House and Home Away From Home. Other activities include garage sales, Bunco, luncheon outings, field trips and other fun events that girls of their age do.

The group meets the first Tuesday of each month for a luncheon and meeting. If you would like more information about the group, membership, or how they can help your cause, call 307-632-5244.


The X-JWC is a non-profit corporation and member of the General Federation of Woman's Club's of Wyoming within the state of Wyoming. XJWC is the local Cheyenne chapter. It was established on May 10, 1940. In 2015, the group will celebrate their 75th anniversary.

Since it's founding, the clubs have help founded more than 75 percent of our nation's libraries, developed Kindergarten programs in schools, and have worked for food and drug regulations. Today, they find themselves undertaking many fund-raising projects aimed at helping under privileged children with milk, nursery schools and parties.

During World War II, new demands encouraged them to focus on USO tours, rolling bandages, explaining the point ration system to the public, and providing a loan service of temporarily unused cribs.

In May 1951, the name was changed to X- Junior Women's Club because members were becoming older and participation was scarce. Eventually the Junior Women's Club dissolved and they became what is now known as XJWC.