I cannot believe that we are actually having Spring in Wyoming! Oh, I know we are more apt to have a white Easter than we are a white Christmas here in Cheyenne, but still, wow! I could get used to this warm weather quickly, even if it is windy most of the time. Despite the wind, like many of you, I really do enjoy those first few really nice days out in the yard and garden getting ready for another growing year.

I noticed over the weekend that all of my apple trees are beginning to bud out and my neighbor's maple  is about leaf out. Those of us who have lived in Wyoming any length of time know this early budding is not necessarily a good thing, as often we see heavy wet Spring snows cause leaf and limb damage and if the flowering trees begin to pop too early, it can even prevent a full blooming and any fruit from developing at all.

Indeed, we gardeners realize growing anything in this high plains climate is a real challenge at best. But, we do insist on trying, and each Spring we emerge from our winter hybernation like bears, full of optimism and hope for another season. That being said, be listening today at 9:07AM in The Morning Zone as I talk with a real expert on how and what to grow and how to get the best results. The director of Cheyenne's beautiful award winning Botanic Gardens,Shane Smith will take your call and answer your questions. Call toll free at 1-888-503-6500 or locally at 632-6500 or 632-3323.

If you missed our discussion, here is the full audio. Just click on the player below.