Like nearly everyone else in Cheyenne, I find myself longing for cold weather and the first snow, not because I am tired of warm days, but rather because I am am so tired of dodging those ever-present construction orange cones.

This year, especially it seems, we have had a plethora of these annoying noxious weeds of progress, like a bad case of dandelions, they have cropped up everywhere, and I am certain my gasoline costs have tripled just making massive detours to avoid those things. In fact, it has been so bad this year, I confess, I have had this almost uncontrollable urge to rent one of those heavy duty industrial lawn mowers to just drive down every street in town and mow them down, and cut them all into tiny smithereens.Here, too, I am sure those feelings are shared by thousands of Cheyenneites.

I guess, this is one of those cases of "be careful what you wish for, though. Almost all of us who now curse the orange cone invasions are the same who secretly wished that somehow the street repair fairies would miraculously appear one night and repair all our potholed passageways. Ahhh yes,  I guess we just cannot be satisfied, but please Winter, hurry up.