How do you handle construction zones while living in the Capital City?

As you well know, construction season is still in full swing here in Cheyenne. It can be frustrating as construction workers work to bring about the finished product on any construction project. However, there are some things that we should consider when having to deal with that dreaded "construction season" here in Cheyenne.

Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight some things to consider when approaching a construction zone on your way through Cheyenne.

  1. Take An Alternate Route: If at all possible, it's better to simply take a different route than to get held up in traffic because of road construction.
  2. Leave Earlier: One of the biggest pitfalls of going through a construction zone is being in a hurry. Alleviate the frustration and possible injury to you or your property by leaving earlier.
  3. Watch The Flagman: No, they are not worth 10 points if you hit them. They are their for public safety. Please watch for them and work with them as you cruse through a construction zone.
  4. Don't Hit The Orange Cones: It's not a good idea to run over an orange safety cone. You might just fall into a ditch.
  5. Drive Slow: Don't have a NAASCAR flash back by driving over the speed limit through a construction zone. You may pay a higher fine if caught and, more importantly, you may kill someone. Slow down please.

For more information on safety tips while going through a construction zone, visit the WYDOT Website. The Top 5 at 7:45 airs weekdays with me, Gary Freeman, and brought to you by First Education Federal Credit Union.