Join us today in The Morning Zone and hear host Dave Chaffin talk with:

7:37 AM MDT. Carl Gallups- Amazon #1 best selling author, 10-year conservative talk radio host, long-time senior pastor, former Florida lawman, and Christian media icon; founder of the mega-viral PPSIMMONS Youtube channel, Carl Gallups. His interviews are always fascinating, riveting, and thought provoking. Gallups says: “It seems there is much debate in the Christian community today over whether we should support the nation of Israel and its right to exist. Those who say no make a myriad of claims and often align themselves with certain scripture passages. They argue that the people who are currently in the land are not real Jews, others argue that since the land was formed largely by UN efforts it cannot be legitimate, and still others argue that since Israel is so thoroughly secular in its overall culture  - that surely these cannot be the people of God.  Let me help straighten this out…”
8:07 AM MDT:  Lt. Mark Munari will be sitting in for Chief  Brian Kozak today during our regula monthly segment with the Cheyenne Police Department. He will talk about the new building approved by voters last week and a bit more on HEAT that Mayor Kaysen touched on during his visit last week.

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