Tuesday's Morning Zone Guests will be:

7:07AM MDT: Captain Credit Crunch, Dr. Michael C. Grayson is the President and CEO of Grayson Financial Services.  As Grayson’s expertise has grown, so has his firm belief that average Americans and small business owners deserve a deeper understanding of credit systems to help their leadership better approach their financial visions—particularly now while we are trying to rebound from one of the worst economic disasters of all time. To fill this important gap, Dr. Grayson is now offering his exclusive Credit Workshop: Prospering In A Down Economy, free of charge to elected officials, churches and nonprofit organizations.

7:37AM MDT: Democratic Presidential Candidate Randall Terry will be in studio. He is an American pro-life activist and candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination for President in 2012. Terry founded the pro-life organization Operation Rescue. The group became particularly prominent beginning in 1987 for blockading the entrances to abortion clinics; Terry led the group until 1991. He has been arrested more than 40 times, most recently for protesting President Barack Obama's commencement visit to the University of Notre Dame in violation of a no-trespass order from the school. Terry has long been known for provocative and controversial statements, including that abortion is murder and should be made a capital crime. In 2003, Randall Terry founded the Society for Truth and Justice and conducted a program called Operation Witness. In 1998, he ran for Congress in upstate New York, and in 2006 for a seat in the Florida State Senate, both times losing in the Republican primary.n January 2011, Terry announced his intention to challenge President Barack Obama in the Democratic Party primaries for the presidential election of 2012. His whole campaign strategy was based upon a commercial during Super Bowl XLVI featuring graphic photographs of aborted fetuses; historically, the networks have refused all political and issue-related advertising during the Super Bowl, citing equal-time rules and the advertisement did not air. The attempt to air the ads led to legal action[21] and a statement by the Democratic National Committee that Terry was not a legitimate candidate,[22] and thus should be forbidden privileges given others running.According to unofficial results, Terry received 18% of the vote in the 2012 Democratic Oklahoma Presidential Primary. He also won 11 counties in the state, and will be awarded two delegates in the Democratic Primary.

8:07AM MDT: Officer Greg Smith with the Cheyenne Police Department will be on the program. He is the juvenile diversion officer and will talk about that program.  He is also the police explorer advisor and on the new CPD CAV  honor guard.