Today on The Morning Zone, our guests will be:

7:07AM MST Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski is back to give us a candid look at the economy, the markets and those things that effect our wallet. We'll ask him about Lehman Brothers emergence from bankruptcy. What will change?

7:37AM MST: Creighton University Professor/Economist Ernie Goss will give his monthly Mountain States Economic Update.

8:07AM MST: Ann Lucas, Executive Vice President of First Education Federal Credit Union in Cheyenne joins us . Today Ann will discuss the difference between Credit Unions and banks and fees for typical banking services.

9:07AM MST: Dr. Ruby Zubrod, Dr. of Audiology at the Audiology and Tinnitus Center of Cheyenne. Dr. Zubrod will talk about tinnitus and the impact it can have on our lives, plus, she will discuss how to choose the proper hearing aid if needed and will even talk about Cochlear implants.