5:05pm MST Newt Gingrich will be featured in our Meet the Candidate Segment.  Newt has come under fire for recent comments toward OWS protestors telling them to, "get a job, right after they take a bath".  The former speaker is expecting more attacks as he rises in the polls and will tell Sean what the American people can expect to hear from him in upcoming debates.

5:35pm MST Karl Rove- will join us to weigh in on GOP frontrunners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.   Which candidate does Karl Rove think will put up a better fight when facing President Obama in 2012?   You tune-in and we'll ask!


6:05pm MST JC Watts and Sean will talk all things football and the recent attacks on popular quarterback Tim Tebow for his strong religious beliefs.  

6:35pm MST Stuart Varney & Juan Williams will recap the news of the day, and the weekend, including the Super Committee stalemate and the negative reception given to First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at NASCAR.