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Hannity Tuesday is on Santorum Quits!
Listen up all you great Americans, to Sean Hannity from 4-7PM today on AM650 KGAB and This is a MUST HEAR SHOW!!!!!
Don't miss the first hour of The Sean Hannity Show as Sean gives his insight on Rick Santorum's decision to drop out of the race...
Tuesday, Hannity has Sekulow on SCOTUS, Newt and More
Okay, all you great Americans, today is a don't miss day on Hannity 4-7PM MDT on AM650 KGAB and
5:05pm MDT --  Jay Sekulow Chief Counsel ACLJ and Mark Levine, liberal - Constitutional Lawyer and Former Congressional Attorney to discuss Obama's comments regarding SCO…
Sean Has Romney, Lieberman and The Donald Today
5:05pm MDT: Gov. Mitt Romney- The GOP Presidential front-runner is here to respond to criticism from Newt and Santorum.

5:35pm MDT: Sen. Joseph Lieberman : Warns that the U.S. needs to react to Tehran NOW, not after the Iranians reaches nuclear capacity...
Newt, Santorum and Romney Today on Hannity
Today on Hannity, Sean's guests will be all three of the leading Republican Presidential candidates:
5:05pm MST Newt Gingrich reacts to Romney's string of primary wins and whether Super Tuesday will make or break his candidacy.
Monday Hannity Has Santorum and Gingrich
Catch today's Sean Hannity show from 4 til 7PM MST on AM650 KGAB and Sean's guests will be:
5:05pm MST Presidential Candidate, Former Senator Rick Santorum, will discuss his strategy for winning Michigan and coming out on top
5:35pm MST Presidential Candidate, Former Speaker Newt Gingrich w…
Hannity Has a Great Lead-up To Fla. Primary
Today from 4-7PM MST on KGAB, Sean Hannity gives us the all as a lead-up to the Florida Republican Primary tomorrow. Sean's guest list includes:
5:05pm MST Governor Mitt Romney about the primary in Florida tomorrow and where he thinks he stands, and the latest attacks ad by him and about him..…
Mack, Gingrich and Kyle on Hannity Friday
Don't miss today Sean Hannity 4-7PM MST on KGAB. Sean has as his guest:
5:05pm MST - Florida Congressman Connie Mack, author of the Mack Penny Plan, will be here to show his support for his candidate Governor Mitt Romney.
The Last Man Standing-Newt, Mitt or Rick?
by Donna Garner---
1.27.12---Recently we noticed that a movie called The Last Man Standing is being shown on TV.  We have no idea what that movie is about nor whether it is any good; but the title seems to apply to the Republican candidates...

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