Today on the Morning Zone, Dave's guests will be:

7:37AM MDT: Travis Lingenfelter, The Marketing Director from Pointe Frontier Retirement back in Our Ask A Local Expert segement. Travis will have with him today, John DeRouen from VFW Post 1818 talking about VA benefits available to VA Veteran Seniors looking to move into a retirement community.

8:07AM MDT: Long-time friend of the program and ever-contraversial guest Craig Winn will be back with his very unique and thought provoking views on world events.

9:07AM MDT CHUCK COLLINS, a long-time inequality activist was certainly born into the 1%. He went to the same high school as Mitt Romney -- and is the great-grandson of Oscar Mayer. His brand new book is called, "99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It." Collins said today: "Inequality is destroying everything you care about. Whether you care about public health, education, civic society, sports, business -- inequality is making things worse. And unless we interrupt the process, this destruction will keep increasing. We're in an inequality death spiral, where concentration of wealth and power is enabling the wealthy and powerful to rig the rules to make themselves more wealthy and powerful -- at the expense of everyone else. This is why the 1% versus 99% lens is so meaningful to people. It reflects their lived reality."