Today on the Morning Zone:

7:07AM MST: Author of "Tea With Terrorists", Prophet of Doom", "Yada Yaweh", and more will be back for his regular monthly visit. Craig is arguably our most controversial guest who puts his own spin on the top news stories of the day, often tying them to Biblical prophesy..

8:07AM MST: Law Enforcement columnist and Fifth Vice President of The National Association of Chiefs of Police is on and will discuss his latest column about the trial of a former New York City Police officer accused of plotting to kidnap, murder and then devour his female victims began on Monday in a Manhattan federal courtroom, according to a federal law enforcement officials. Law enforcement agents had arrested NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 for plotting to abduct women, cook them and then eat their body parts, according to the indictment. The 28-year-old police officer planned to commit the kidnappings and murders with a person he met on the internet. His online contact then warned the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the plot. Valle is also accused of illegally accessing a law enforcement database as part of his plot.

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