Friday Morning Zone Features Rep. Lummis
Today's Morning Zone Program Schedule:
7:07AM MDT Child advocate, John Frentheway, joins host Dave Chaffin in our Kids-At-Risk series. Today they will be discussing a story that more Colorado kids ate pot after medical use legalized. Fourteen kids were treated at one Colorado emergency room for accid…
Policy Analysis What the PPACA SCOTUS Ruling Means for Wyoming
~~By Regina Meena, MPA~~
Point 1: By a vote of 5-4, the PPACA was upheld not as a command for Americans to buy insurance, but as a tax if they choose not to.
 The individual mandate requiring the purchase of health insurance was found unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause and Necessary and Prope…
Obama Begins Rationing Health Care
~~By Sven Larson~~
Obamacare was supposed to give everybody health insurance and shield us from health care rationing. Right?
Well… behold this article from the Washington Post a few days ago:
Tens of thousands of Americans who can’t get health insurance due to pre-existing medical proble…
Obamacare, Retirement Living, and Craig Winn Thurs. Morning Zone
Join us in The Morning Zone today and hear what the following guests have to say about what's happening :
7:07AM MDT: Maybe it’s still a free country after all. Maybe the Founding Fathers did account for every possible scenario.After the nation stopped reeling from last Thursday’s shocking Supreme Co…
Commentary:“All We Need Is Four More Votes”
~~~By Donna Garner~~~
The good news: All we need is four more votes in the U. S. Senate to repeal ObamaCare.  If Romney wins and the House goes Republican, all it would take is a simple majority in the Senate (51) to repeal ObamaCare – not the supermajority (60) needed to ov…
Commentary: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney
Dear Governor Romney,
With the suspension of Sen. Rick Santorum’s campaign, it now appears that you have the 2012 Republican presidential nomination sewn up. And in the current climate, that should assure you of a victory in November...

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