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7:07AM MDT: Maybe it’s still a free country after all. Maybe the Founding Fathers did account for every possible scenario.After the nation stopped reeling from last Thursday’s shocking Supreme Court decision that upheld Obama’s controversial and unpopular healthcare law, individual states are stepping forward to play their hand in the game. James Lansberry will discuss the states’ recourse that has several governors announcing they will not implement the insurance exchanges under provisions in the law are three incredibly insightful political analysts.

ABOUT JAMES LANSBERRY…James Lansberry, president of the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, is a Peoria-based expert available to comment on a variety of issues related to healthcare, including alternatives to traditional health insurance, the economics of healthcare, healthcare public policy, healthcare and tax policy, and the healthcare industry in general. Lansberry also is vice president of Peoria-based Samaritan Ministries International. His articles have been published in Heritage Forum, the Journal of Modern Ministry and he has been interviewed by the CBS Evening News, U.S. News and World Report and the Washington Post.

7:37AM MDT: "Ask-A-Local Expert", Travis Lingenfelter from Pointe Frontier Retirement Community will be back to continue his series on retirement living.

8:07AM MDT: Always contraversial Author of 'Tea With Terrorists, Prophet of Doom, Yada Yahweah, and more, Craig Winn is back with his views on today's top news.

9:07AM MDT: High Court Ruling Will Provoke States to Nullify ObamaCare...Despite Thursday’s controversial Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, states retain the right and authority to nullify the healthcare law, and the state of Missouri, among many others, is undertaking efforts to do just that. According to Missouri legislators, regardless of the High Court's ruling, Missouri voters will maintain the opportunity to vote for or against the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act in November. And Missouri is not the only state seeking to circumvent ObamaCare.  Gary Kreep, is a 1972 graduate of the University of California at San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, Mr. Kreep graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1975 with a Juris Doctor. He passed the California State Bar Examination on his first try, and started practicing law in 1975.

He has been in private practice since that time, both as a sole practitioner and as the sole owner of a small law firm, employing as many as three attorneys and ten staff members. Mr. Kreep co-founded the UNITED STATES JUSTICE FOUNDATION (USJF) in 1979 with two other California attorneys. Since that time, he has served as the President and Executive Director of USJF.

In 1992, Mr. Kreep reduced his private practice to part-time status to work full-time for USJF. USJF is a nationwide, nonprofit, conservative, legal action foundation. Mr. Kreep co-founded the JUSTICE POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (JPAC) in 1985 with two other conservative activists. He has served as President of JPAC since then. JPAC is a federal political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.

Mr. Kreep co-founded the CALIFORNIA JUSTICE POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (CALJPAC) in 1996 with two other conservative activists.