Mountain States Economic Report

Mountain States Overall Index Hovers at Growth Neutral:
Professor Ernie Goss from Creighton University is our special guest at 7:07AM MST today on The Morning Zone and will give details on his October Mountain States Economic Report.
One in Six Businesses Report Federal Shutdown Impacts
October survey results at a glance:
· Regional leading indica…
Ernie Goss-September Mountain States Economy‏
~~By Ernie Goss Ph.D. ~~
Mountain States Job Index Sinks for September:
Affordable Care Act Having Large Negative Impacts
September survey results at a glance:
·         Regional index declines to a weak but positive reading...
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7:07AM MDT Early Bird Open Lines: Call in with your thoughts at 1-888-503-6500 toll free or locally at 307-632-6500 or 632-3323
7:37 AM MDT:  Goss Institute for Economic Research Director Dr. Ernie Goss guests to discuss his latest Mountain States Economic Report..…
Ernie Goss on June Mountain States Economy
~~By Economist/Professor Ernie Goss~
Utah: The state’s overall index, or Business Conditions Index, a leading economic indicator, once again moved above growth neutral 50.0. Based on the monthly survey of the membership of ISM-Utah (www...
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7:07AM MDT: Watchdog on Wall Street Chris Markowski, returns to the show and will make sense out of what is happening in the markets right now as well as in the ecobnomy i…
Mountain States Leading Indicator Healthy for April:
 Inflationary Pressures Cool Again
~~ By Economist Ernie Goss~~
April survey results at a glance:
·         Leading economic indicator points to continuing growth for the next 3 to 6 months...
Mountain States Economic Report
~~By Dr. Ernie Goss~~
Mountain States Indicator Climbs for March:
 Economic Outlook Improves as Inflation Cools

March survey results at a glance:
·         Very healthy growth among manufacturers more than offset weaker conditions for energy linked …
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7:07AM MDT: Dr. Keith Kantor, author of What Matters and former chairman of a House of Representatives’ Commission. Dr. Kantor and his commission made numerous recommendations to …
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7:07AM MST: Mark Walters, Concealed Carry Gun Expert, Author of Lessons from Armed America and Nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio...
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