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7:07AM MST: Mark Walters, Concealed Carry Gun Expert, Author of Lessons from Armed America and Nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio. Barack is asking people to submit their "stories about gun violence" and their reasons for supporting stronger gun control measures.There is even an entire section on dedicated to stories of gun violence and calls for more gun control. Curiously, though, there has been no call from the President for stories of guns used in self-defense or any section on diligently chronicling them. Mark Walters will articulately discuss these issues with host Dave Chaffin.

7:37AM MST: Economist, Dr. Ernie Goss of The Goss Institute conducts the monthly survey for Supply Management Institutes in the three states comprising the Mountain States region. Goss also directs Creighton University’s Economic Forecasting Group and is the Jack A. MacAllister Chair in Regional Economics ( Ernie will detail his information on Mountain States Leading Indicator Advances for February including Negative Sequestration Impacts Expected,  February survey results at a glance, · The region’s leading economic indicator continues to point to healthy growth for the next 3 to 6 months, · Approximately 37.5 percent expect sequestration to result in a reduction in unit sales for their company.· Business confidence slumped below 50.0 for the month.· Approximately 60 percent of firms have expanded their sustainable buying programs over the past two years.

8:07AM MST: Ann Lucas, Executive Vicep President of First Wyoming Education Credit Union, guests in our Ask-A-Local-Expert segment.Ann will be talking about talk about interest rates: loan rates, deposit rates, credit card rates, what’s good, how they inter-relate.

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