Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners Monday’s Featured Guest on The Morning Zone
Today on The Morning Zone, our featured guest at 7:07AM MDT will be Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America. Larry will discuss:
"A new Pew poll suggests that illegal immigrants, if given citizenship, would vote for liberal, anti-gun candi…
Thrusday’s Morning Zone
9:Welcome to the most popular place to think before breakfast, The Morning Zone on AM650 KGAB and Today's schedule with host Dave Chaffin includes:
7:07AM MDT: John David Ware: 1 MILLION PRIZE FOR BEST SHORT SUBJECT MOVIE: Filmmakers Begin 168 Hour Race to Deliver Finished Faith Based Film
Thursday’s Morning Zone Program
7:37AM MST: Karin Anderson Worked on the Vendyl Jones Archeology Dig  and is very Pro-Israel and has some interesting things to say on the meaning of the dig and the role of Judas Iscariot. Her website: http://astronomicalbookofrevelation...
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Tuesday On The Morning Zone Fast and Furious
Today, Dave's guests will be:
7:07AM MST: Law Enforcement analyst/columnist Jim Kouri joins Dave to give the latest on the congressional investigations into Operation Fast and Furious and more on Eric Holder and the Administrations efforts to cover up and stop the investigation.
GOA Pratt Guest Today In The Morning Zone[Audio]
Link to Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act
By Larry Pratt
With the stroke of a pen, the U.S. Justice Department has just subjected hundreds of thousands of Americans to a lifetime gun ban.
Mayor Kaysen and The Budget Headline The Morning Zone
The Cheyenne City Council approved the 50.7 million dollar city budget yesterday that includes pay raises for all city employees, but the proposed rate increases for trash, water and sewer aren't due for a final vote until next Monday, and may be in doubt...