Common Core Standards

Wyoming Educators to Attend NEA Annual Meeting
Over 10,000 educators will gather in Orlando, Florida, June 26 through July 6, for the National Education Association's Annual Meeting.
Wyoming Education Association President Kathy Vetter says the meeting, which is the largest gathering of educational leaders in the U.S., ...
“UPDATE: Common Core Porn Novel”
~~By Donna Garner~~

“Another Pornographic Novel on Common Core Exemplar List: The Bluest Eye”

Macey France is a stay-at-home mom of two elementary children and lives in Oregon.  Macey is the co-founder of the Stop Common Core in Oregon and is working with o…
Don’t Fear the Federal Boogeyman
~~by Steve Klein~~Wyoming Liberty Group~~
Jim McBride, former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, told a fascinating and shocking story Oct. 8 while testifying in favor of the Common Core State Standards before the State Board of Education...
Ed Board Sticking With Common Core [Audio]
Two new reports from the National Wildlife Federation make the case that cover crops are a big plus for farmer's bottom lines and also bring environmental benefits. Deborah Smith with Wyoming News Service reports. The state Board of Education is sticking with it's adoption of common core academic st…
~~~by Tim Bryce - 8/21/2013~~~


- Next time you hear "Common Core" in a conversation; pay attention!-
Coming from the Information Technology industry, I understand the challenges of developing and implementing standards...
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