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(Donna Garner is a retired educator turned education columnist and has frequently been a guest on KGAB's Morning Zone)


I hate to say that I told you so, but “I told you so.”  (Please go to the World Net Daily link from 4.13.13 posted at the end of this e-mail – “Homeschoolers and private school students alarmed at plans to track all students.”) 






I began warning the country about the federal takeover by the Obama administration of the public schools way back on 12.11.09 -- “Children and the Future of Our Country” – by Donna Garner --http://www.educationnews.org/blogs/7704.html




Naturally, I was vilified and accused of being a conspiracy theorist.  Over and over again, I explained that the Common Core Standards/Race to the Top would produce:


National standards  →  national tests  →  national curriculum → teachers’ salaries tied to students’ test scores  →  teachers teaching to the test each and every day  →  national indoctrination of our public school children  →  national database




Soon other alert Americans began to see the approaching “train wreck,” and experts far more articulate than I started speaking out.  Here is an Anti-Common Core Standards resource list that contains some of the most outstanding ones:  









Then on 2.24.11, Henry W. Burke and I wrote a comprehensive report with documentation that explained in detail exactly how the Obama administration was nationalizing our public schools  “Lets Get Off the National Standards Train” by Henry W. Burke and Donna Garner – http://alinahan.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/lets-get-off-the-national-standards-train-2/




We who saw what was coming were not crazy then, and we certainly are not crazy now. The only difference is that now that it is almost too late, people all over the country are beginning to wake up and realize the eminent danger that is almost upon our children and the future of our nation.






#1:  We have begged Congressmen to shut down the funding for Common Core Standards Initiative/Race to the Top. So far, they have been totally aloof, ignoring the obvious.  Please help us get their attention.  It will take thousands and thousands of American citizens contacting their Congressmen to get them to take action. 


#2:  Also, please sign any and all petitions that take a position against the Common Core Standards/Race to the Top.  There is strength in numbers of people: 














#3:  Subscribe to various anti-Common Core Standards organizations so that you can stay up on the latest efforts to fight Common Core Standards/Race to the Top:  






















#4:  Learn more about the tremendous financial cost to state taxpayers the Common Core Standards will put upon your stateSometimes appealing to people’s economic concerns will get their attention:  “States’ Taxpayers Cannot Afford Common Core Standards” by Henry W. Burke, 10.15.12 -- http://educationviews.org/states-taxpayers-cannot-afford-common-core-standards/




4.13.13 – world net daily






'Big Brother' mentality 'has no place in a free society'


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Donna Garner