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What’s Happening This Week On “Across America”!
Join Gary Freeman this week on Across America as he chats with  Doug Wellman, Author of the book "Boxes" The Secret Life of Howard Hughes.  Also, CNN regular Robert Shemin weighs in on How To Create Wealth. And what is The Future of the U.S. Workforce with Oliver McGee. A…
Truth and Lies of a Government ‘Shutdown’
The issue at stake is the ongoing budget battle, which Democrats dropped on the GOP in anticipation of the massive turnover of seats to the right in the November 2010 mid-term elections. Rather than passing a budget of their own, which would have made their outrageous spending spree a front-page cam…
Cheyenne’s “BatMan” Ken Checks In On Across America!
Spring Is Here! And so is your local wildlife. Join Gary Freeman as he talks with Cheyenne's own "Bat Man" Ken about birdhouses, feeders, bats and more and what you can do to prepare your backyard network for the coming season. Click past the jump to hear the interview right h…
Ongoing Efforts To Derail The Tea Party!
Admittedly, the GOP has long been plagued with cowards in its midst who would rather avoid those messy “social issues,” and especially any reference to the Judeo-Christian ethic that defines them.
How Democrats Intend To Win Big in 2012!
By: Christopher Adamo
Throughout 2010, liberals sought to diffuse conservative momentum and comfort themselves with the notion that this was not 1994, and therefore any repeat of the Republican landslide victory of that year was hardly an inevitability.

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