Listen to Gary Freeman from Across America as he talks with 50 year Physicist and Nuclear Energy Engineer veteran Joseph Fray as they enlighten us about the truths of Nuclear Plants and Nuclear Energy in Japan and around the world.

If you are really interested in facts consider the following: Only coal or nuclear can meet the needs of industry regarding the supply of electrical energy on a 24/7 basis. Every year thousands of people suffer premature death from the coal-fired power plant emissions. Add to this the associated medical expenses and enormous industrial damage. In the entire history of nuclear energy in the USA no member of the public has ever suffered physical harm. including Three Mile Island. Nuclear power plants have no polluting emissions and no CO2 (global warming). Nuclear plants are responsible for far less radioactive material entering the environment than coal plants producing the same amount of power. The above facts cannot be disputed! Joe Fray tells us that Japan will recover and build more nuclear plants. As for the rest of the world, there are at least 60 nuclear plantsbeing built, with at least 20 in China alone. We expect theusual ignorant hyperbole from the anti-nuclear lobby, buteventually sanity must prevail.

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