As I drive around the Capitol City, I encounter many pot holes along the way and frankly, they bother me. I hear the same tone from listeners on my morning radio program, KGAB Mornings.

It makes one wonder, "Where are the priorities of our local elected officials these days?" Well, it seems that the priorities lie in their wallets instead of on our streets. Just last week we found out that our county's elected officials are getting a raise.

The Laramie County Commissioner's approved pay hikes last week for the country clerk, treasurer, assessor, coroner, clerk of district court and, of course, the sheriff. Due to the proposed raises, these folks will be raking in an extra $90,000.00 combined on your dime by 2018.

But what about our streets in the county? What about maintenance? Well, Commissioner Buck Holmes was in favor of the raises and called in the talk show over the weekend and stated that people were misinformed about what was going on here. Must be a part of his "common sense" conservatism that brought that decision about.

But he wasn't going to give them a big old raise without included pay for the commission also.

Right now, the Country Commissioners are paid $ 40,516.00 a year. And they call that "part-time" pay. I know for many people that would be considered a yearly wage at a full 40-hour work week. By 2018, the County Commissioner's will make $45,000.00 a year for "part-time" work. I guess they weren't on board with one Commissioner's idea of cutting the pay for the County Commissioners in half to save the tax payers money.

Many in Cheyenne are of the persuasion that instead of filling there wallets, how about we start filling those pot holes? I guess that's just not a priority right now.