It's immigration Monday on The Morning Zone:

7:07AM MST: Author/Columnist Frosty Wooldridge is back with us. We will be talking about Frosty's latest column and discuss some of the issue relative to immigration being bantered about by the Republican presidential candidates.

8:07AM MST: Security Specialist John Marshall makes his monthly reutrn to the program. We affectionately refer to John as "our man down on the border" and always look forward to hearing john's latest reports about what's happening on the illegal immigration topic right there in the midst of what's happening. John often breaks news stories that mainstream media hasn't even touched yet and was instrumental in breaking the story on "Operation Fast and Furious nearly a month before the rest of the media picked up on it.

9:07AM MST: We switch gears and talk with Rick Collard, the executive director of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Rick will be discussing the success of the  Home 4 the Holidays final outcome,
Dog Obedience Classes, the upcoming Microchip Clinic, as well as this year's Fur Ball and volunteering needs at the Shelter