Mike Huckabee in Cheyenne (Amy Richards/TSM)

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee , who also ran unsuccessfully for president in 2008, was the keynote speaker for St. Mar y's 19th annual Fanfare for Education fundraise Saturday night. Prior to his speech, Huckabee met  with reporters and said that he thinks the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the Affordable Care Act,  it is unconstitutional to require citizens to buy health insurance. Huckabee, said he  was also s disaapointed with the personal attacks taking place in the Republican nomination for president. 

In his speech, Huckabee said children today are overwhelmed with messages from the media and Internet. He said  an  education system needs to support, not undermine, the values that are instilled by parents. But he said  this can be hard in the secular public school system because a teacher could be sued for praying in class.. He also said what makes America successful is the idea that all children have worth that is not based on lineage or wealth.