Startling Domestic/International Stats -- What The Media And The Politicians Are Not Telling YOU.

Way More Happening Than Guns!...And Balanced Approach In The Fiscal Cliff Non Deal? How About 41 Dollars In Tax (from your pocket, middle class) To One Dollar in Spending Cuts?

There is a very big picture to this anti-gun hysteria so opportunistically being used by the left and heralded by much of the press. It has to do with globalism, socialism, power, the constitution, and the last line of defense for America and the world--the 130 million folks who own firearms in the US. Just ask the 56 million victims slaughtered by countless regimes in just the 20th century immediately after gun control, registration and disarmament of the public in those score of countries.

There is much the anti-gun press is not sharing with you, from armed citizens stopping slaughters that otherwise would most certainly have occurred, to what the real un-skewed violent crime stats from around the world in gun controlled vs heavily armed countries--and how the US compares....and then we have the ludicrous lie of the purported "deal" on the fiscal cliff. Ain’t no deal other than more taxes on YOU, starting with a thousand or more from your paychecks per year , beginning this week, plus a host of other "fiscal cliff" and Obamacare taxes that directly hit the middle and lower income earners while British rum manufacturers, and Goldman Sachs get support and tax breaks. And balanced? How about 4 TRILLION MORE spending per the CBO despite 1.2 trillion (half Obamacare, half fiscal cliff nonsense) in new tax--and it ain’t from the rich folks. Just what will it take for people to wake up to the wide chasm between the rhetorical promises vs the actions and reality of this government?