Most people have a story of what they used to be able to do back in the 'good ole days.' As time goes on, some of the things we used to be able to do, we can no longer do today.

People have shared their personal stories with us, like going to the drive-in movie theater's and about what they used to do growing up in Cheyenne, that you can no longer do today.


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    Water Skiing On Sloan's Lake

    My real estate agent told me how he learned to water ski on Sloan's Lake, in Lion's Park, back in the day. This is certainly something you don't see anymore.

    Steve Powell, Getty Images
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    Motor Cross Where Powers Field Is Now

    If you were into hoping berms and riding whoop-ti-doos around the dirt track on your dirt bike, you may be missing those days now. There used to be a motor cross dirt track where the baseball fields are at Power's Field in Cheyenne.

    David Cairns, Getty Images
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    Exploring Under Ground Tunnels Under Cheyenne

    Another friend told me when they were kids, they used to explore the underground tunnels that are in Cheyenne. Thanks to the events of 911, you can no longer do so.

    Oliver Sved, Thinkstock
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    Watch A Movie At The Drive-In Theater

    Remember the days of you and friends hiding under blankets in the back of your mom's station wagon to save some money on seeing a movie? Many who grew up in Cheyenne, remember going to the Starlight or the Motor-Vu Drive-In movies.

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    Walking The Streets Drunk During CFD

    Cheyenne Frontier Days used to be a pretty wild time some years ago. You'd have drunken brawls and chaos happening throughout the streets of Cheyenne. Thankfully, nowadays, CFD has endeavored to make the event more family-friendly. I think it's safe to say that they have accomplished that.

    Matt Cardy, Getty Images