7;07AM MDT: Kids-At-Risk...Child Advocate, John Frentheway joins host Dave Chaffin in a thought provoking discussion a recent article on... How Abstinence-Only Sex Education is is actually driving up STD rates.

8:07AM MDT: "Wyoming Perspectives...Today's guest is Regina Meena, Policy Research and Development Specialist with Wyoming Liberty Group will give us an update on the implementation of Obamacare...Making Sense of what the media is reporting about Medicaid reforms, and other issues facing us around the country and right here in Wyoming.

9:07AM MDT: Greta Morrow and with Phyllis Michaud, this year's Day of Giving  president, and came up with things to cover.  I structured it more than usual because she hasn't done this before and she is not totally familiar with some things about Day of Giving.  They will be talking about the upcoming event and talk about several new features this year.