If you grew up here in Cheyenne, chances are some of your fondest childhood memories were at the old Fun City Amusement Park in Lions Park.

For Robin Mosley, the Director of Community Investment for the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, the park holds special meaning.

Her parents owned the park from 1984 until it closed in 1990. She still fondly recalls her days riding the Big Dipper, the Ferris Wheel, the Carousel, the Merry Mixer, the Bumper Boats, the Roller Coaster and the Sloans Lake Showboat.

"Fun City was my first job. I developed my talkative nature, management, and customer service skills there at the amusement park by working and talking with the public," Mosley said.

All that remains of Fun City these days is the miniature golf course. The old steamboat was destroyed in a fire before the park closed and the rides were eventually auctioned off.

For many people, the Kiwanis House and Lions Park Amphitheater, which stand in their place today, still remind them of those carefree summer days riding the roller coaster and the train that made Cheyenne a really 'Fun City' to grow up in.

Although there are no longer any full fledged amusement parks in Wyoming, the Cowboy State was the first to officially regulate roller coasters and rides way back in 1929. Roller coasters weren't federally regulated until the Consumer Product Safety Commission was established in 1973