DWS Warns of Possible Job Search Scam


Wyoming Workforce Services\Facebook

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) is warning job seekers using the Wyoming At Work system of an email scam operated by a company posing as AEB International.

Andrea Hixon, Cheyenne Workforce Center Manager, says the recipients of the fraudulent emails are asked to deposit a check sent by the scammers into the jobseeker’s bank account. The jobseeker is then instructed to send a Money Gram to a third party to purchase equipment.The job seek is left with the responsibility of paying for the check when it doesn't clear the bank.

Hixon says the scammers have been banned from the site and DWS is working with law enforcement to identify the culprits. If job seekers have questions about employers they are interested in working with, contact a local Workforce Center or call 1-877-WORK-WYO.