By John Marshall (from Down on the Border)~~~~~~~~~

June 28, 2012~~~~~
Marshall’s Law Dateline - Little differences exist between liberal welfare hippies and conservative welfare hippies.

Reference starting points for this writing exercise are excerpts of “Peter Muhlenberg, Preacher-Soldier” by Rudolph Cronau. Peter Muhlenberg was born in 1746 his father was one of the chief founders of the Lutheran church in America. Early in life Peter entered the ministry, and was a pastor of a church at Woodstock, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

When the war clouds began to gather, this minister, not satisfied with a written protest, informed the members of his church of his intentions to resign. The news attracted hearers near and far as Muhlenberg was one of the most popular ministers in Virginia. In his forceful sermon he spoke of the duties citizens owe their country. In closing he said, “There is a time for preaching and for praying. But there is also a time for fighting. Now this time has come!”

In the same moment he threw off his clerical garment and stood in the pulpit in the uniform of a Colonel of the Continental army. Muhlenberg for his excellent services to the Continental army was rewarded with the title of major-general. George Washington counted him among his confidential friends.

Other spiritually motivated patriots included Nathan Hale who entered Yale at fourteen with plans to enter the ministry. Hale is remembered for regretting only having one life to give to his country. Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” concept was first delivered in St. John’s Church in Richmond Virginia in 1775. Despite comments by America last crowd, most of America’s Founding Fathers principles originated behind walls of their churches.

Question, how would following American events ended differently if they had been led by conservative welfare hippies? Events in question include: American Revolution; establishing Constitution as law of land; managing threats by Barbary Pirates; England’s second war against America; Texas Revolution; Mexico’s second war against Texas and America; United States Civil War of 1860’s;and all other subsequent American conflicts and struggles until modern times.

Question, did liberal welfare hippies “make love not war” policies contribute to less than satisfactory conclusion to Vietnam War? Follow up question, will conservative welfare hippies strategies to restore liberty through love by following seemingly cult leaders like G. Beck protect and defend America’s constitution from all enemies domestic and foreign?

Conservative welfare hippies like to cite successes of passive leaders like Reverend King and Gandhi. One major flaw in this strategy, King and Gandhi were both dealing with civilized governments not governments lead by leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez of Venezuela and Obama. Translation: passive strategies like make love not war and restore liberty through love are suicidal strategies when dealing with political systems that enjoy engaging in mass murder because tyrants feel entitled.

Reader needs to be reminded that killing in self defense is not murder prohibited in Ten Commandments. Reader may have never been exposed to following principles:
1. One cannot expect to survive the battle if one cannot survive the training;
2. Combat attitudes tend to evolve as follows: self defense, revenge to fallen compatriots, and just necessary (professional) to win on home team’s terms.

Reader is probably thinking enough reference information, what does Texas Drifter mean by welfare hippie? Answer is not that complicated. Only reason both liberal and conservative welfare hippies have luxury of promoting their love only, never war or other brutal world solutions is because of patriots who fought died or were maimed physically or mentally upholding protecting and defending America’s Constitution from all enemies domestic and foreign.

Brutal truth is that of all of societies’ public subsidy addicts, the most foolish, most immature, and most ungrateful are conservative welfare hippies following cult leaders; as these followers should know better. Reader’s assignment is to explain why this is so.

Above was not written seeking gratitude from conservative welfare hippies who are not likely to change their ways; rather more about making reader aware that cult leaders and conservative hippies can not be depended on too not betray, too not cut and run, during darkest days defending Heaven’s favorite republic.

Being kind, Texas Drifter is not suggesting G. Becks conservative welfare hippies are not fun to socialize or party with; just saying do not depend on their cheerful words known as promises in the dark in some bedrooms; to be adequate or sufficient resources or actions to defeat enemy guys which are necessary to defend Heaven’s favorite republic.

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Short Bio for Marshall’s Law Townhall writing exercises by Texas Drifter:

Raised on Texas farm with traditional American values; I spent decades in intelligence, investigations, and security industries mostly private sector and mostly alone on my own. Explaining not complaining, before becoming a Texas drifter and part time ranch scout; closed and walked away from a business I loved to care for my mother and father until they "went home" and I buried them.

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Traded having no family for my writing exercises, naturalist studies; part of rest can be found in SPY AS A VERB lessons, and one of my better non-fiction stories: “Life Is Not Fair.” As for rest of rest, my written words speak for themselves. Those who do not like my written words should exercise free will and not read them. Translation, I do not want you for a slave and expect the same in return from you and government.

It is not my demeanor to look for trouble, often walk away from trouble, seldom walk around trouble, and like most American patriots never abandon one simple oath to Heaven to uphold, protect, and defend America’s Constitution from all enemies domestic and foreign.