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7:07AM MDT; World traveler, author and columnist Frosty Wooldridge continues his series on the real problems of illegal immigration and it's effects on over population. Host Dave Chaffin explores Frosty's latest column with him. Part 6: Series on overpopulation in America—we need to think like a life-giving planet. : We human beings prove to be the most aberrant species ever evolved on planet Earth.  Within 100 years, we transformed this green, ecologically balanced and thriving globe into an environmental nightmare.  We created the “Six Extinction Session” whereby 80 to 100 species suffer extinction every single day of the year.  We pump our fossil fuel carbon exhaust into the biosphere at such a rate of speed that our pollution acidifies the soils and oceans of the world.
Our poisoning of the biosphere’s air creates acid rain that falls upon forests, lakes and streams—wiping out their PH balance that subsequently kills other creatures, both plant and animal, indiscriminately. Our deadly, filthy injection of 80,000 human-made chemicals into the air, land and water 24/7 unwinds the very foundation of life-based DNA on this planet.  Our Genetically Modified Organisms create an insurmountable and growing nightmare for Mother Nature. (Exhausting some of the 80,000 chemicals into our oceans 24/7.  We poisoned the foundation of our marine food supply with radioactive waste like Fukushima reactors exploding and pouring millions of gallons of deadly waste into the Pacific.  Virtually all rivers such as the Mississippi, Yangtze, Ganges, Seine and others dump trillions of gallons of chemical waste 24/7.

8:07 AM MDT: Dave is joined by our Man Down On the Border, John Marshall. John trlls it like it is living along the Texas-Mexico Border and brings it home to us right here in Wyoming. john's discussion today focuses around the theme, When Amnesty Is Not Amnesty.

9:07AM MDT: :" Ways To Expedite Immigration Status"... Jayne Jones, Former Capitol Hill Staffer and C0-Author of the next 'Devil Wears Prada' -- 'Capitol Hell' Former US Senate staffer will  talk about what goes on behind the Senate office walls: From pasted on passport pictures to listing depression as a medical disability to expedite immigration status. She and her co-author believe that morals, values and ethic outweigh politics and disagree wholeheartedly with jumping on this political bandwagon.For more information visit:

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