(Donna Garner is a retired teacher, columnist, education specialist  and frequent guest on KGAB's Morning Zone Program.)

by Donna Garner


I can almost guarantee you that the Big Bang History Project (by David Christian – Q&A posted below) is the model from which the Obama administration intends to develop its Common Core Standards for “biology, astronomy, geology, climatology, prehistory, archeology, anthropology, cosmology, natural history, and population and environmental studies.”

David Christian’s term “Big Bang” should give the public a clue as to what the philosophy behind this indoctrination of our public school children is meant to be. It is obvious that under this curriculum, students will not be encouraged to study any of the  weaknesses of evolution but will be taught a far-left ideology.

Bill & Melinda Gates (with billions of dollars at their disposal) have worked right alongside the Obama administration to force the Common Core Standards down our country’s proverbial throats.

The following Big Bang Project is an early warning of what lies ahead if Obama is allowed to stay in the White House after Nov. 6, 2012 – more federal takeover of our nation’s schools and our children’s minds through the federal development of ALL the curriculum and courses taught in America’s public schools.

Already some 45 or 46 states (plus D. C.) have committed to the Common Core Standards (including curriculum, assessments, teacher evaluations, national database); however, if Obama is defeated and a conservative majority goes to Congress, the appropriations for Common Core Standards (and Race to the Top) most likely will be stopped.  There definitely is hope for a change in the White House.