The Cheyenne Police Department has developed a new strategy for school zone enforcement. Police spokesman Officer Dan Long says the new strategy will put more officers in school zones overall and target problem areas. under this new strategy expect to see a higher visibility of police presence and a continuation of strict enforcement in school zones. The police department’s School Resource Officers will also coordinate a school zone safety presentation that will be available to all elementary schools. Through enforcement and education Cheyenne Police are aiming to mitigate accidents and create a safer school zone environment.

In addition, all drivers should be aware of where the school zones are and remain alert for the flashing yellow lights and posted school zone signs. With shortened daylight hours, drivers should turn their vehicle lights on so they are more visible, especially during the sunrise and sunset periods and during inclement weather.

Drivers are required to reduce their speed to 20 mph in a school zone and yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. parents can also increase safety by dropping off their child at the school and educating them about traffic safety.