Two cats that were seized from a home near Carpenter last month need the community to rally behind them and save their lives.  Two of the four cats that were rescued by the Cheyenne/Laramie County Animal Control from terrible conditions at the home tested positive for Feline Leukemia. Cheyenne Animal Shelter spokeswoman Baylie Evans says the cats are Playful Bug, a 1-year-old male black and white Domestic Short Hair, and Snuggle Bug, a 4-year-old male orange Domestic Short Hair. The shelter is looking for special homes for these two cats.

There is no cure or treatment for Feline Leukemia. However, cats with the disease can live many healthy years, especially if certain precautions are taken. Feline Leukemia is most commonly spread through saliva and is contagious among cats. They should be strictly indoor-only cats and never exposed to other cats that don’t have the disease. The disease does not appear to affect other animal species or humans.