Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak says in his 30 years of law enforcement he has never seen a community that has as many incidents of vandals shooting out car windows as Cheyenne does.

There have been numerous cases of such attacks in Cheyenne in recent years, with the most recent string occurring this past weekend when police say over 20 cars in various parts of the city were vandalized. The chief says of such incidents "it's new to me. I've never experienced someone just randomly driving around shooting out windows. It seems to be a tradition here".

Kozak is urging anyone who may have information on this weekend's vandalism spree to come forward so police can put an end to the destruction. Meanwhile Police Spokesman Officer Dan Long says that while vandalism is normally classified as a misdemeanor, in cases where the damage totals over $1000, it can be classified as a felony, with more severe criminal penalties applying.