You may have heard Marvin Nash from the Bullying Hurts Program on The Morning Zone today talking about this...Marvin of Cheyenne, Friday began rolling his 130-pound rodeo barrel from Reno to Las Vegas in hopes of completing the 450-mile feat by the Oct. 4 start of the first international  anti-bullying conference in Las Vegas being sponsored by the Nevada Attorney General.

Marv says he plans to take a combination of back roads and highways, and will roll the barrel about 10 to 12 miles a day. His wife, Darlene, will drive a support vehicle and accompany him on the trek that will mostly be along  U.S. 95 across Nevada.

The two educational consultants formed a program called Bullying Hurts, a mentoring program that helps schools, parents and students deal with bullying. A year and a half ago, we here at KGAB joined Marvin and Bullying Hurts to present the first statewide town hall meeting on Bullying.  If you would like to attend the conference in Nevada, visit and sign up now.