Are you a CEO, manager, supervisor or in a leadership role? Then you will not want to miss author L. David Marquet (Capt. U.S. Navy, Retired) author of "Turn the Ship Around!" It has been said that leaders are made and not born. His book is a compelling true story of turning followers into leaders.
Mr. Marquet will join me, Gary Freeman, on KGAB Mornings today to discuss the book and the contents therein. The book deals with topics that all leaders face in many scenarios and in all walks of life. Business as usual, change of course and dealing with frustration are just a few of the chapters in the book.

Get the full rounded gist of what helped the author become a leader and how you can be in control and more competent with much clarity. All traits of a great leader. Don't miss this great opportunity and if you're headed in the wrong direction, learn how to turn your ship around.