Decades ago, people were talking about how 'commercialized' the holidays have become, but now, we've gone beyond the pale with Black Thursday.

It's sad that stores want to put a dollar bill before family, but it is what it is. With that, we've constructed a survival guide, or sorts, to help you on Black Thursday.

  1. COFFEE - Make sure you have plenty of coffee, with back up coffee, just in case you run out in your primary coffee mug. Coffee will not only help you stay alert, to those hot items, but will give you the go-power you need to shop until wee hours of the morning. WARNING: Coffee can cause you to wrestle that last Cabbage Patch Doll out of someones hands. Which isn't nice.
  2. Team Blue/ Team Red - In your 'shopping squad', you'll break them down to two teams of 3. You must have 2 good team leaders that can lead the troops through the stores and to keep a watchful eye on all the deals. Cell phones will work, but walkie-talkies are suggested. Most people only go with one friend, but I say the more the merrier. Break the teams up to canvas more areas of the store to capture those great deals.
  3. The King Pin - Make sure you check all the ads and BRING THEM WITH YOU. Remember, price matching is a weapon in your quiver that you'll want to use when shopping.
  4. Stay Home - If you really want to win, with no headaches and frustration, just stay home and shop on line.
  5. Shop Downtown - Another great way to avoid the huge crowds and a possible trip to the ER. Plus, this is a great way to support our local businesses in the downtown Cheyenne area.

There are other tips we could probably provide, but if you are a Black Thursday or Friday Warrior, then you probably are already aware of the battle plan. Have a good shopping day and don't forget to remember to be civil.