Planning a summer vacation can be fun and decisive. How about a road trip in the Cowboy State to tour some of the old ghost towns for memories, photo ops and fun?

There is nothing more thrilling than walking down the street of an old ghost town. Believe it or not, Wyoming still has some old towns, but what about ghosts? There are many ghost towns in Wyoming, but not all are noteworthy. Some may have a few foundations left and some are on private property.

Here are five ghost towns in Wyoming, that would bring much excitement to your vacation road trip.

  1. Atlantic City (Fremont County) – This town was short lived. Born in 1868 and gave up the ghost in 1878. During its short life span, thousands of miners inhabited the town along with women and card sharks. Still, many of the original buildings remain standing to this day.
  2. Miners Delight – Hamilton City (Fremont County) – Home of the Miner’s Delight Mine, which was founded by Jonathan Pugh around 1867. Calamity Jane lived there as a girl and the land is now owned by the BLM. Old homes, mine shaft openings and gravestones are still an attraction.
  3. Kirwin (Park County) – This was a very short-lived gold and copper town. Aviator Amelia Earhart really loved this town and asked to have a cabin built for her there. The construction of the cabin began, however Amelia never returned to live in it. The area can only be accessed during the summer. Prepare yourself to see old cabins, churches, gold shafts and such like.
  4. Cody Town(Park County) – William F Cody – “Buffalo Bill” – was the original man who made his home on this ranch and then named the hotel after his daughter Irma. The town houses the biggest collection of Winchester Rifles in the world along with a rosewood mirror holder, given to Cody by Queen Victoria.
  5. Lavoye (Natrona County) – In some people’s opinion, this is considered a “true ghost town.” No residents, old buildings and foundations with rubble can be seen. Best to use a four-wheeler to get her, if you can.

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