Now, I will never claim to fully understand what someone goes through at a rodeo. I mean, I will confidently say that I was bucked off a horse as a kid(broke my wrist) and never got back on. But taking a look at some of the folks that are working and riding in rodeos, it's next-level superhero stuff.

I found this awesome video of people seemingly doing stunts over bulls as they're being charged. This is some scary stuff and miscalculation would be the end of the person doing the stunt. If you remember, it made the news last year when Johnny Knoxville was hit by a bull and had brain damage. These guys could have that and worse.

The video is just wild, I can't believe,  for one, someone is brave enough to backflip over a bull, and second, athletic enough. I mean, they get way over the top of the bull and clear them.

Here, take a look at the video yourself, wild is all I could think of or say when I watched this over and over.

Like I said, wild.

I know they're getting an adrenalin rush, but, man, this is incredible. The first guy just runs up to a bar and does some parkour stuff with that wild backflip. The other guys are doing some crazy stuff, too. The guy that just glides over the bull as it's charging. It's almost like he's floating in air. What is this wizardry?

This might be my favorite video of the week. Not going to lie.

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