For those who live in coastal areas, there is the fun of putting a message in a bottle to see who responds. Some have tied a note to a balloon to see how far it goes and how long it takes for someone to send the message back.

Here in Wyoming, we don't need balloons to lift our notes or bottles to float them. We just toss something high and let the wind carry it.

So if someone wrote a note to, let's say a cinder-block, and tossed it up in the air, how far would it fly before it landed? East Nebraska perhaps? Would someone in Nebraska mail the cinder-block back?

Some have suggested holding a contest to see who could send such a note the farthest.

There would have to be rules to make the game fair. All cinder-blocks would have to be regulations size, for example, the standard cinder-block comes in at 8 x 8 x 16 for air resistance and the standard weight of 28lbs.

Then what do we do about wind variance? Do some towns have an advantage because of higher winds? What about location?

Casper has some of the heaviest winds, but Cheyenne is closer to Wyoming's eastern border.

The rules are being written. Prizes are being discussed. Someone needs to call Nebraska and South Dakota to let them know what's coming.

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